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What is TwisterHunter?

TwisterHunter is a site about severe weather. Tornadoes are my passion, but I enjoy experiencing all types of severe weather, blizzards, lightning, thunderstorms and hurricanes as well.

TwisterHunter will eventually become a one-stop site for all of your severe weather information. There will be maps, links to local weather, safety information, images, videos and more.

As this site progresses, it will become more interactive for You the user. Feel free to contact me. Enjoy!

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Why visit TwisterHunter?

TwisterHunter is a site that can help both experienced chasers and those with a desire to learn. It's not just about driving around in a car, truck or TIV and catching tornadoes. You must know how to forecast severe weather. Where to go for weather data but also, most importantly, how to be safe when storm chasing.

You will be able to go to one page and have thumbnails to all of the weather data sites that I currently use. More will be added in the future.

You will also be able to watch LIVE chase video when I am out spotting in NE Wisconsin and across Tornado Alley































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